Amazon commits $150m to founders from "underrepresented backgrounds"

Amazon's Catalytic Capital initiative will invest $150m in venture capital funds that support entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds.

How to Apply for AWS Activate

AWS Activate provides startups with a host of benefits, including AWS credits, technical support and training, to help grow their business. Applying for Activate is easy. Watch this video to see how.

Learn more about AWS Activate at –

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Amazon Wholesaling: How He Made $90,000 In ONE MONTH

Ian quit his 60+ hour a week job to earn over $90,000 in ONE MONTH by using this low-risk way of selling on Amazon! Find out how Amazon reverse wholesaling works and how it could change your life forever. Learn more about The Wholesale Formula ��

Dylan Frost Interview about The Wholesale Formula ►
Dan Meadors Interview about Reverse Wholesaling on Amazon ►

00:00 Introduction
03:19 What is reverse sourcing wholesale on Amazon?
04:33 What if the product is already selling on Amazon?
05:33 How do you get started?
09:47 What did your success look like?
10:55 How much time does it require?
12:32 What do you see in the future for this business model?
14:08 Have you had products fail?
16:19 What are the profit margins like?
17:20 Tell us about The Wholesale Formula
21:57 What motivated you?


Ian is a true Amazon success story who used the reverse wholesale method of selling to make over $45,000 a month. Since Ian was working as a full-time chef doing 60+ hours a week, he used assistants and specialists to help grow his Amazon wholesaling business.

We chat about what the reverse sourcing wholesale method is and how it works, as well as how it’s changed Ian’s life forever. Ian now earns 5 figures a month from this method of selling on Amazon and can fulfill his life-long dream of traveling the world, while making money online!

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Stefan James from Project Life Mastery reveals his very best strategies to mastering and living life fully; everything from how to be motivated, his secrets to success, how to make money online, making passive income online, how to change your beliefs and mindset, being healthy and physically fit, being happy and productive, life management, cultivating relationships, spirituality, and much more!

The Project Life Mastery YouTube channel contains Stefan’s best strategies and principles that have now helped millions of people around the world. This YouTube channel is designed to help you make continual progress in each area of your life so that you can have lasting growth and fulfillment.

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This Surprising Product is Making Over $150 MILLION on Amazon

The opportunities for selling on Amazon are endless. Browsing the Subcategories tool on SmartScout is a great way to find new opportunities. Use code SAVESMARTER to get $50 off your first month of SmartScout.

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Behind The Scenes | Raghava Rao, VP & CFO, Amazon India, on hiring the right finance team

A #finance partner is the most critical hire for any startup, yet most founders falter when it comes to hiring the right finance team.

In our latest episode of Behind The Scenes, Raghava Rao, VP and CFO, Amazon India, shares his thoughts on the vital role a finance team can play in early-stage startups and in building the business vision.

Here are some of the key points we cover:
1. Impact of #digitalization for a financial professional
2. Advice to founders on key finance KPI’s and business metrics
3. Attributes that make a great leader and a team
4. Potential conflicts that can arise for a CFO

#India #Entrepreneurship

When it comes to #startups, there is no fast track to #success. Almost all startup teams go through a variety of crises and challenges Behind The Scenes. Having been a part of many startup journeys over the last decade at Kalaari, we believe that there are valuable lessons to be gained from the journeys of others. These episodes from Kalaari come from our continued commitment to empower and encourage entrepreneurship.

If you have any suggestions, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.

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