Fennel bags funding and launches ESG-driven investment platform

Fennel, an ESG-focused platform that gives retail investors access to tools to better engage with companies, has launched its investing app.

Driven by ESG – Our sustainability strategy

As a global player in the mobility industry, we have the will and the ability to make a positive contribution to society. That is why we consistently apply a sustainability strategy driven by ESG criteria.
With product innovations and a clear climate strategy, we play a crucial role in sustainable, future-facing mobility.

We assume social responsibility: within our company, throughout the supply chain and at our locations. As an attractive employer and partner, we are a successful company.

Stakeholders should trust Knorr-Bremse, from both an economic and social perspective. That is why the sustainability strategy is firmly anchored in our corporate structure.

We want to create lasting values, offer good working conditions and treat environment and resources with care, both at Knorr-Bremse and along the supply chain. We do our best to contribute to a livable and more sustainable future.

Discover more about Knorr-Bremse on our website: https://www.knorr-bremse.com/en/

New climate change ETF launches — tracking the ESG explosion

J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s global head of ETF solutions Bryon Lake and ETF Trends’ director of research Dave Nadig break down investors’ burgeoning interest in environmental, social and governance-focused exchange-traded funds. With CNBC’s Bob Pisani. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: https://cnb.cx/2NGeIvi 

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What is ESG investing & how to get started | Sustainability

In this whiteboard animation, I explain what is ESG investing, how ESG ratings work (using MSCI ESG rating), which sustainable investment products you can choose to make money with your own portfolio, how I created mine online with only, as well as some best practices about managing and balancing your portfolio to manage the risks (like the difference between stocks and bonds).

Good Investing online course & coaching: https://www.goodinvesting.com/

PROMO CODE will be available when the next course is open. In the meantime you can join the waitlist here: http://alturl.com/ib37n
Model portfolios: https://www.sustainableeconomist.com/model_portfolios

0:00 Intro
0:51 Good Investing online course
1:37 What is ESG investing
2:29 How ESG rating works
4:11 Portfolio diversity
4:44 Stocks vs bonds
6:37 Building a portfolio
7:34 Balancing a portfolio
8:44 Final thoughts

Questrade: https://questrade.com
Passiv: https://passiv.com/

ESG Ratings Corporate Search Tool: https://www.msci.com/our-solutions/esg-investing/esg-ratings/esg-ratings-corporate-search-tool
ESG ETFs mentioned in the video:

More conventional ETF: https://www.msci.com/our-solutions/esg-investing/esg-ratings/esg-fund-ratings/funds/ishares-core-msci-ac-world-ex-canada-idx-etf/68299602

I create engaging sustainability videos to learn & teach. More sustainability videos on www.sustainabilityillustrated.com & http://www.youtube.com/learnsustainability

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Videos are created by Alexandre Magnin using years of experience drawing and working as a sustainability consultant with businesses and communities: http://www.amcreative.org

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Sustain_Illustr
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandremagnin/

Resources & credits:
ETFGI report on assets invested in ESG: https://etfgi.com/news/press-releases/2021/01/etfgi-reports-assets-invested-esg-environmental-social-and-governance
Music: Alexandre Magnin

DISCLAIMER: This video is not financial advice about how you should invest your money money but rather sharing thoughts about my experience getting started on ESG investing.

The Rise Of ESG Investing

ESG is a catch-all term for investing strategies that consider a company’s environmental, social and governance factors. ESG investing is predicted to surge following the coronavirus pandemic and demonstrations over racial justice. Consumers and Wall Street investors alike are increasingly holding companies accountable for their performance on environmental, social and governance benchmarks—or ESG, for short. Here’s how ESG investing could transform the financial and business industry.

Before the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota and before Covid-19 forced corporate America into lockdown, companies were being singled out for social responsibility.

It’s a trend that began to accelerate well before the current crises, and has now gone mainstream.

“Investors were really flocking to ESG strategies,” said Valerie Grant, senior portfolio manager of responsible investing at AllianceBernstein. “For ETFs, there were $8 billion inflows into ESG strategies. And for mainstream funds, the flows were $12 billion.”

While critics have called ESG investing vague and even a fraud, analysts predict it will double in 2020 and become integrated into the investment decisions of every investor.

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The Rise Of Socially Conscious Investing