How companies can formulate the best ESG strategy

In a time where ESG is on the rise, many companies are still plagued by the lack of concrete ESG-focused regulation in their sectors.

How to create ESG reports

Download template:

Need to report your sustainability efforts to key stakeholders? Most companies make ESG reports public, and public companies may soon be required by law to provide them by the SEC.

Download our Sustainability Report presentation template to easily highlight the core goals, actions and implementation of your ESG efforts.

The template includes slides on GHG emissions throughout the value chain, matrixes for materiality and sustainability development goals, consumer willingness to pay, sustainability strategy promotion structure, an environmental action plan, social contribution, development highlights, promotion structure, and timelines on team education and impact minimization.

ESG Investing: A Viable Investment Strategy for the Long-term?

Can ESG investing be a market solution for society’s most pressing challenges? Global Sustainable Funds exceeded $1 trillion, for the first time, in Q2 and $1.2 trillion in Q3 in 2020. As European and American funds embed ESG into their portfolios, what are the consideration factors for investors beyond a company’s financial performance? Olivia Albrecht, ’10BUS, executive vice president, head of ESG business strategy at PIMCO; Navindu Katugampola, head of sustainable investing, fixed income, and liquidity at Morgan Stanley; John Paluska ’21BUS, vice president, ESG securitized products at Bank of America and EMBA Candidate at Columbia Business School; and Mark Zurack, senior lecturer in discipline in business at Columbia Business School, provided valuable insights into ESG measurement tools, how investors are deploying capital to drive impact in environmental, social, and governance challenges, and the outperformance of ESG portfolios during extremely volatile markets. This session was moderated by Sam Mindlin, ’21BUS, MBA candidate at Columbia Business School.

How Companies Can Improve the Way They Communicate on ESG

The ESG profile of a company is at the intersection of three circles:
– ESG risk management, which is already part of companies’ processes
– ESG ratings and rankings, which can be imperfect but are necessary to consider because investors use them.
– ESG integration as part of the corporate strategy and how companies communicate on this; this area is changing the fastest.

How companies can implement an ESG strategy

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In an interview with Yahoo Finance’s Seana Smith, Northern Trust Wealth Mgt. CIO, Kate Nixon and Nasdaq CFO Ann Dennison discuss how companies can increase their number of sustainable investments.
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