How company boards can get ESG right

A ho topic in 2022 is ESG. With more companies focusing on integrating ESG practices into their structures, how can they get it right?

What Should “ESG” Board Presentations Look Like?

Our guest – Jane Bomba, a director for three public companies – and a former Chief Administrative Officer & Chief Sustainability Officer for a public company – talks about what “ESG” board presentations might look like, who should give the presentation and how time during a board meeting should be devoted to presentation versus discussion.

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Are Boards Talking About ESG?

How much of the environmental, social, and governance discussion in the mainstream is taking place in the boardroom?

Role of the Board & Management on ESG

Now more than ever, there is an urgency to get compensation right for Board members and executive teams. Hear from Aon’s Simon Kennedy and Laura Wanlass as they explore the tactical side of remuneration in this new and fast-moving environment.

ESG Opportunities for Boards

In this video, jointly produced with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Ryan Maierson, Global Chair of Latham’s Public Company Representation Practice and Co-Chair of the ESG Taskforce, discusses how boards can respond to risks and opportunities in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sphere.