HSBC addresses gender funding gap with Female Entrepreneur Fund

HSBC has launched a Female Entrepreneur Fund which will provide $1bn in lending to female-owned business over the next 12 months.

Special Webinar: Invest like a woman

In this special webinar, we will covering how to invest like a woman.

This International Women’s Day, we bring together the industries’ leading women changemakers to shed light on their personal growth journey, their experiences in driving transformation in their respective positions, as well as actionable tips to empower women to start embarking/growing in confidence on their investment journey.

This webinar features Visa Kannan, Partner of Saison Capital , Grace Sai, Co-Founder of Unravel Carbon, Noor Adhami, Head of Securities of HSBC and Samantha Horton, VP of Business Development of Syfe.

00:00-00:25 – Intro
00:26-00:57 – Introducing Samantha Horton
00:57-01:33 – Introducing Visa Kannan
01:33-02:30 – Introducing Grace Sai
02:30-03:05 – Introducing Noor Adhami
03:06-05:11 – About the gender investing gap
05:12-06:54 – What is a stronger predictor of investing behavior?
06:55-08:33 – What are the obstacles women face?
08:34-09:50 – How the tides are changing
09:51-11:14 – Women-led funds outperform
11:15-12:10 – Diversity for businesses
12:11-13:56 – ESG Investing
14:18-17:06 – Factors leading to the gender investing and pay gap?
17:07-23:33 – How would you address the issues contributing tot he gender investing and pay gap?
23:34-26:53 – What are you trying to change and advocate for in your current capacity as a senior / leading woman
26:54-29:06 – Can you strike a balance between your career and being a mother?
29:07-33:53How has your personal investing journey been so far?
33:54-35:15 – Why do you think women are more interested in ESG investing?
35:16-42:24 How can women leverage their strengths to invest?
42:25-44:07 – What advice would you give to women starting their investment journey to gain more financial knowledge and confidence to invest?
44:08-49:15 – What investment strategies would you suggest to beginners and how much outlay is advisable?
49:16-49:56 – Do you see any differences in men and women in investing style and strategy? And how can women leverage their strengths?
49:57-53:44 – How can women help each other to be better investors?
53:45-54:02 – Closing

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PS. Explain This: The Animal Spirits of Women Entrepreneurs

For too long, women have been at the mercy of obstacles limiting their opportunities to decide their own futures, support their families, and contribute to their communities. To eliminate poverty and achieve sustainable, equitable development, the search for effective ways to empower women entrepreneurs must continue.

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How Women Entrepreneurs Can Get the Financing They Need to Grow

#Fundwomen: How To Support ELLE’s Campaign To Close The Gender Funding Gap | ELLE UK

Women receive just 1p for every £1 of venture capital investment in the UK. To mark International Women’s Day 2022, ELLE UK has launched its #fundwomen campaign, to challenge venture capitalists and the UK government to urgently improve funding for female inventors and entrepreneurs.

Without women, the world wouldn’t have computer software (Grace Hopper), the contraceptive pill (Margaret Sanger), rocket fuel (Mary Sherman Morgan), beer (Abbess Hildegard de Bingen) and the one of the most important inventions in recent modern medicine – the Covid-19 vaccine (Professor Sarah Gilbert).

If this is what we’ve done with 1p imagine what we’d do with equal investment.

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