Irish regulator hits Meta with €265m fine

Ireland’s DPC has slapped Meta with a €265m fine after details of over half a billion users were leaked on a hacking page.

Irish watchdog fines Instagram 405M euros in teen data case

Irish watchdog fines Instagram 405M euros in teen data case. 9/6/22


Meta fined $250m over data protection breach that hit more than 500m users

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp owner has been fined nearly €1bn by EU since September 2021

Facebook’s owner has been fined $250m by the Irish data watchdog after a breach that resulted in the details of more than 500 million users being published online.

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Life With GDPR: Episode 88- Meta Fined In Ireland

Jonathan Armstrong and Tom Fox return for another episode of the award-winning Life with GDPR. In this episode, we discuss the recently released find by the Ireland Data Protection Commission against Meta for two legacy companies, €210m for its Facebook operation and €180m for Instagram for GDPR breaches. The DPC also ordered Meta to change its data protection practices within three months. Those changes may have more lasting effect on Meta than the fines. The two fines come in at fifth and sixth places respectively in the largest GDPR fines of all time . Some of the highlights include:

1. What were the facts?
2. Why this matter has far wider implications that simply Big Tech.
3. Max Schrems says this is a huge blow for Meta.
4. The convoluted appeal process going forward.
5. Lessons learned.

Why Irish privacy regulator has fined Facebook? | Kalkine Media

Ireland’s data privacy regulator imposed a 265 million euro ($277 million) fine on social media giant Facebook on Monday, bringing the total it has fined parent group Meta (META.O) to almost 1 billion euros. The penalty resulted from an investigation, started last year, into the discovery of a collated set of personal data that had been scraped from Facebook between May 2018 and September 2019, and made available online.

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